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Modern Off-gridder Starter Pack

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Modern off-gridder starter pack includes the Modern Off-Grid guide - basically everything you could possibly need to try out this new lifestyle.

In Modern Off-Grid Guide we'll teach you:

  • how exactly off-grid living can add time and happiness to your life;
  • which are the pros and cons of living off-grid;
  • which are the components of an off-grid system;
  • how to make a preliminary dimensioning of those components;
  • how to downsize your needs to prepare for off-grid living;
  • how to transition to off-grid smoothly.

And DIY A-frame plans set gives you the first expression of what tools and materials you need and how a cabin can be built by yourself or by a local carpenter.

Solo Hobby is the first Avrame house that can be built using 100% local materials. The detailed DIY instructions make the assembly rather a feasible task for everyone. With some helping hands the expected build time is only a couple of days.

This tiny house can be used as an accommodation unit or a storage space during the main house build. In the longer run there are tons of opportunities you can use it for. Having a completely separate working space certainly has its appeal at these (COVID) times for instance.

Later, you can always select drawings of bigger houses, starting from Solo+75 up to Trio150.

By purchasing the modern off-gridder starter pack you will also gain access to Avrrame’s closed Facebook community. There are already 1100+ people over there discussing their project related topics.

You will always get more with Avrame!