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Self-Building Bundle

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All our self-building guides packed together in an affordable bundle

With this bundle, you save $39.

This Self-building Bundle contains the wisdom of 3 Guides, to set you on the right course with your project you can make your planning without overlooking anything and move forward without headaches.

3 Guides that cover...

  1. The process (Quickstart Guide - 24 pages)
  • a 15-step process to guide you until the house-kit on your property;
  • identify your needs & wants;
  • figure out how much you can afford to spend & choose the right house model.


  1. The mindset (100 Questions Guide - 44 pages)
  • over 100 aspects of the projects you might be overlooking;
  • get clarity on the tiniest detail;
  • learn the right questions to ask and where to find the answers.


  1. The cost (Budgeting Guide - 30 pages + spreadsheet)
  • stop wondering how much is it going to cost and figure out a realistic total;
  • get a clear overview of the cost items you need to account for;
  • use a professional spreadsheet to put everything together



With your purchase, you'll be able to join Avrame private Facebook Group.
The group is home to a community of over 1100 people like you that bought one of our guides of a kit home.

In the group, you'll be able to talk to all those people as well as to see photos of real projects in real-time (as posted by other users on the group).


NB! These guides are not just for a-frames but help you to carry out any self-building project.

The Guides are in PDF format. The spreadsheet is on Google Sheets.
A compressed ZIP file containing all the guides will be sent directly to your e-mail immediately after the payment.