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The Budgeting Guide

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You want to put together a reliable full cost estimate for your project...

...and you are afraid you are forgetting something or you just don't know where to start.

If you feel like that, then we have you covered with our Budgeting Guide.
This is the ONLY budgeting manual that guides you through the entire construction process! It comes with a fully functional spreadsheet to calculate the total cost of your building.

Why do you need it?

Over the years, we've seen hundreds of projects failing to launch because the costs for the build were underestimated.

We don't want this to happen to you!

This is why we prepared a guide that, if used from the very beginning of your project, will lead you to absolute clarity about the building process and the costs involved.

It will save you from:

  • overlooking important steps of the building process;
  • overlooking cost items;
  • overlooking installation costs.

It will also save you time, frustration, headaches (not to mention the money it will save you by steering you clear from costly mistakes).

What do you get?

The Budgeting Guide is a 30-page PDF guide, accompanied by a professional spreadsheet pre-filled with around 80 cost items.

NB: the cost items are listed but you'll have to research the price yourself!
We cannot possibly know the cost of construction materials in your area.

The Guide contains:

  • an overview of the entire construction process, divided by stages;
  • guidance on how to source materials and services
  • guidance on how to customize the budget for your unique project.
The guide will be sent to your e-mail in PDF form straight after the purchase.


With your purchase, you'll be able to join Avrame private Facebook Group.

The group is home to a community of nearly 1000 people like you that bought one of our guides or a kit home.

In the private Facebook group, you'll be able to talk to all those people as well as to see photos of real projects in real-time (as posted by other users on the group).