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Modern Off-Grid Guide

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Undeniably, freedom is a big component of happiness.
So, it is fair to say that having the freedom of making choices is pretty important in our lives.

Most people think they are free... but they do not realize one simple thing:

the default lifestyle imposed upon us by the society we live in, robs them of their freedom.


We buy stuff we don't really need and we became slaves of a job (job that we have to keep doing no matter what) because we must honor the financial obligations we took.

This is how 99% of people operate today.

Off-grid living is a way out from that trap.

In a nutshell, living off-grid can cut your costs considerably and allow you to have more time for yourself and the people you love.

Off-grid living allows you to have more life and less work.

In the past, off-grid was a solution that only a few people could cope with.
Today, thanks to technology and better materials, it doesn't have to be that way.

In 2021, everyone can live a comfortable life off the grid.

This is why we choose to name this product "Modern Off-grid Guide".

In this Guide we'll teach you:

  • how exactly off-grid living can add time and happiness to your life;
  • which are the pros and cons of living off-grid;
  • which are the components of an off-grid system;
  • how to make a preliminary dimensioning of those components;
  • how to downsize your needs to prepare for off-grid living;
  • how to transition to off-grid smoothly.

The Guide comes in the format of a PDF manual.
The PDF also contains links to online resources and relevant videos.