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Works Planning Toolkit

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Planning is important

In a construction project, proper planning is very important.
Lack of planning (or planning under wrong assumptions) leads to delays, mistakes, and unforeseen costs.

This toolkit is designed to give you the tools and the knowledge you need to plan your project correctly.

Unless you are an experienced project manager, you'll definitely need the Works Planning Toolkit!

 This product will...

  • explain to you all in detail all the phases of the construction project;
  • show you how to plan all the activities for each phase of the construction project;
  • provide you with a professional project planning spreadsheet;
  • teach you how to use the spreadsheet;
  • turn you into a self-made project manager, capable of running the project (or supervising it) with confidence!

The Guide comes in the format of a PDF manual.
The PDF also contains links to online resources and relevant videos.