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HIVE Wood sauna heater 13 kw set

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HIVE WOOD has taken the ancient wisdom of building sauna heaters to a new level. The most sensitive component of the wood-fired heater, the flame tamer, is made of 5 mm thick stainless steel and is therefore exceptionally durable. 

  • stainless steel
  • high stone capacity
  • 5-year guarantee

The 13 kw sauna heater is perfect for sauna rooms sized 6-13 m³

Set includes:

  • Wood-burning stove
  • includes 120 kg grey rounded stones (5-10 cm) worth 350 $



Sauna room

6-13 m³

Stone capacity

90 kg


750 mm


450 mm


460 mm


47 kg

Firewood max

300 mm

Flue (⌀)

115 mm

Safety distances


250 mm


900 mm


Steam like in a traditional sauna

HUUM heaters are built using very little metal so that the heat comes mainly from the stones and very little from the metal. This way we can maximize the good negative ions from the stones, like in traditional saunas, and keep the positive ions from the metal at a minimum. Together with a high stone capacity this is our secret to healthy, mild and long-lasting steam.

Made with care in Estonia
Before purchase, contact for precise transportation cost to your location.