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Self-Building Quickstart Guide

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Start your self-building journey on the right foot.

  • a 15-steps process to get your project off the ground;

  • a guide to get exactly the house you need;

  • a guide to avoid making mistakes.

It covers 3 stages:

  • Pre-planning & Budgeting
- identify your needs;
- identify your wants;
- figure out how much you can afford to spend;
- choose the right house model;
- look for land.

  • Planning & Permitting
- engage a local architect;
- talk to your municipality
- finalize architercutral design;
- make a detailed budget & apply for bank loan;
- get the construction permit

  • Contracting & Ordering
- get itemized quote from the manufacturer;
- order full manufacturing drawings;
- get quotes from local contractors;
- make schedule for works and deliveries;
- order the house kit.

It gives you acces to Avrame private Facebook Group (over 800 members just like you)

The guide is delivered to your e-mail inbox after payment.