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100 Questions Guide

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You want to start planning your new home but you are not sure you have a good grasp of all the things you should account for. 

If this is how you feel, then the 100 Questions Guide is the right tool to bring you all the clarity you need before you start with your planning.

We developed the 100 Questions Guide to help you think about all the little details that go into the construction.



Why do you need it?

  • it will help you adjust your mindset and expectations,  avoiding many mistakes and misunderstandings and resulting in considerable savings.

  • it will save you lots of time (you'll be able to read what's important to account for and you won't have to figure it out by yourself and reinvent the wheel).
    It will prevent you from spinning in circles.

  • it will make you accountable.
    Investing a very small sum into your project will be your first step to build your home. We'll keep you accountable (our community will!!! more below about the private Facebook Group).


What do you get?

The 100 Questions Guide is a 44 pages PDF guide that will help you if:

  • you want to know the potential problems you are going to face during the building process;
  • you feel you don't know everything there is to know before starting;
  • you don't know where to start.

The guide will be sent to your e-mail in PDF form straight after the purchase.



With your purchase, you'll be able to join Avrame private Facebook Group.
The group is home to a community of nearly 1000 people like you that bought one of our guides of a kit home.

In the group, you'll be able to talk to all those people as well as to see photos of real projects in real-time (as posted by other users on the group).