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Garden Room DIY Instructions

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Sometimes when working in the garden, be it bad weather or fatigue, you'll want a shelter to rest in for a while. The Garden Room offers exactly that.

With the Garden Room assembly instructions you can build yourself a shelter outside.

The Garden Room can be built in 2 sizes: S model or L model, allowing for the freedom of choice to build a shelter according to you need of size.

When you buy the instructions, you will be assisted in acquiring with the materials. In the instructions, there are both a parts list and a budgeting guide for either of the models.

The Garden Room functions according to your needs.

Despite the name, you can build the Garden Room anywhere you want. It can be a shed or a woodworking room, but also a lot more than that.

You can use the room as an office, a studio, relaxation room or for any other idea you can creatively conjure.

In conclusion...

What the Garden Room assembly instructions contain:

  • A detailed explanation of what the Garden Room is.
  • Planned roadmap for building.
  • List of materials you need to build either model.
  • List of tools you need for building.
  • Budgeting instructions.
  • Calculations of the thermodynamic capabilities of walls, doors and windows.
  • Recommendations for additional work force and explanations of why the workforce would be needed in specific situations.
  • Instructions for setting up the foundation.

 NB! Instructions are in metric units!