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SOLO+ 42 Plan Set

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With SOLO+ 42 DIY Guide, you can build by yourself a small cabin, camping house or sauna with a floor area of 17.1m2 / 184 ft2 - it includes a linear kitchen, living room, and sleeping bed above, accessed with a ladder.  .

Do-It-Yourself tiny home can be built from local materials by yourself or a local carpenter. Purchase the plans, get the materials from the hardware store, invite a friend to join, and create your very own A-frame. With our specialized DIY building plans, instructions, and shopping list, it’s that easy.

SOLO+ 42 base dimensions:

Building size: 4.35m x 4,50m / 14.2ft x 14.7ft
Building area: 19.4m2 / 208ft2
Floor area: 17.1m2 / 184ft2
Heating volume: 35m3 / 1236ft3

The Construction Plans package contains:

  1. Set of drawings in PDF format - views, plans, detailed cross-sections, elevations, foundation sketch.
  2. Floor plans in DWG format - for placing the house on your plot plan.
  3. 3D SketchUp SKP file of the house - for designing the interior and exterior of the house.

All that knowledge is compressed into a. ZIP file.

We Developed SOLO+ in collaboration with a Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Why Avrame? We’ve been building house kits for over 20 years, and we know that finding a tiny house with a great design is super tricky. That’s why we partnered with Professor Sheila Kennedy and her team of design innovators. Together, we developed three concepts that provide maximum flexibility for living and working at home. We brought together the iconic form of the A-Frame, the radical affordability of DIY, and the idea of getting the flexible design to a tiny house that can be adapted to fit your needs - AffordableFlexible DesignDurableEasy to Build

The SOLO+ is a very compact living unit that offers generous living areas and plenty of storage space. The SOLO+ A-Frame is easy to build, is energy efficient, and is easy to maintain. Since this is a DIY kit, you can build it anywhere in the world with locally sourced materials. This makes SOLO+ environmentally responsible and budget-friendly.

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