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Plant Pods: Chili Pepper

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Grow hot-hot chili peppers in your indoor garden!

Fresh homegrown Chili peppers help the body cope with heat and pain, and increase sex drive. The plant prefers sunny spots, and though the peppers take time to fully ripen, its beautiful and delicious harvest is well worth the short wait. Prepare yourself for a spicy liftoff with chili pepper and a Click & Grow indoor herb garden!

Click & Grow Chili pepper benefits:

  • Spicy Chili Pepper + a Click & Grow indoor herb garden = hot hot heat
  • Perfect fresh addition to home gourmet food
  • Growing chilis is 100% hassle-free with a Click & Grow indoor garden
  • You'll get a garden-to-plate experience in your own kitchen

      Plant Care

      Capsicum annuum

      Plant is not edible. Poisonous!

      Sprouts in: 1 - 3 weeks

      Lasts up to: 17 weeks

      Temperature range: 20 °C35 °C

      • Please note! Only the fruits of the chili are edible, the rest of the plant is poisonous and should not be consumed.
      • Chili fruits have a heat level of up to 20 000 on Scoville heat units.
      • You can speed up the germination process by raising the temperature to 79°F (26°C).
      • If multiple seeds germinate in each pod, leave one seedling to grow per plant pod to ensure enough space and nutrients for the plant to grow.
      • Do not cut or prune your Chili Pepper plant before fruiting - it will form flowers and fruits at the top of the plant.
      • Once your plant is flowering it needs to be pollinated by hand. Do this by gently shaking your plant to carry pollen from one blossom to the next.
      • Chili Pepper fruits ripen from white/purple to a bright red colour approximately 12 weeks from planting.
      • Please note! The leaves and seeds of the Chili Pepper can be hot too. It is always a good precaution to wash your hands after touching a chili plant. It is also best to avoid rubbing your eyes or touching other sensitive body parts after handling any chilies.

          Warranty: 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty