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Shallow Well Hand Pump Model 1900

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The Model 1900 is Bison’s best-selling Shallow Well Hand Pump. It offers several unique features.

The pump is made of all 304 Stainless Steel with a solid construction. The components are welded to the pump, and the body is hand-buffed to a professional, shiny finish.

The Model 1900 includes a hose bibb for connecting a garden hose or the Bison Pumps Pressurizing Kit. With an elegant design, the Model 1900 is suitable for in-kitchen installation. It comes with food-grade O-rings and cup seals inside.

The position of the handle is adjustable, thanks to the removable screws in the top of the pump head. With the screws removed, you can rotate the top plate and handle assembly, allowing you to adjust the handle to be a left-hand, right-hand or in-line pump.

Your Shallow Well Hand Pump comes complete with installation bolts, owner’s manual and a lifetime warranty!

Optional add-ons:

Child-proof option

Pinch points have been eliminated, making the pump safer for children to use.

Pressurizing Kit

Use the pump to pressurize your water tank.

  • Approx. 19 oz per stroke (7 strokes per gallon)
  • Internal drain back feature for winterizing
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Solid Construction
  • Welded Components
  • Hand-buffed, smooth and shiny finish
  • Hose bibb to connect Pressurizing Kit or a water hose
  • Use to pressurize home water system
  • Suitable for in-kitchen installation
  • Food-grade O-rings and cup seals
  • Installation bolts included

NB! Ships directly from US and EU customers may have to pay customs duties on the border.