SOLO+ 100 Plan Set (pre-sale)

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IMPORTANT: SOLO+ 100 Construction Plans are currently on presale (50% off). The final product (documentation) will be delivered to you via email before December 1st 2021. The presale ends on October 24th at 23:59 (Eastern Time).

With Avrame SOLO+ 100 you can build a rental house with floor area of 38.4m2 / 413ft2 and start earing passive incomm - it includes dormer, kitchen and living space, bathroom and sleeping bed above. 

Do-It-Yourself tiny home can be built from local materials by yourself or local carpenter, simply purchase the plans, get the materials from the hardware store, invite a friend to join and build your very own A-frame. With our specialized DIY building plans, instructions and shopping list, it’s really that easy.

SOLO+ 100 base dimensions:

Building size: 10.15m x 4,50m / 33.3ft x 14.7ft
Building area: 45.7m2 / 491ft2
Floor area: 38.4m2 / 413ft2
Heaking volume: 85m3 / 3000ft3 / 5kW

The Construction Plans package contains:

  1. Set of drawings in .PDF format - views, plans, detailed cross sections, elevations, foundation sketch.
  2. Floor plans in .DWG format - for placing the house on your plot plan.
  3. 3D SketchUp file of the house - for designing the interior and exterior of the house.
  4. Price quote - includes everything that Avrame can offer to you.
  5. Working hours estimation sheet - for planning the labour cost.

All that knowledge is compressed into a .ZIP file. We will send the package via e-mail before 1st of December 2021.

We Developed SOLO+ in collaboration with a Professor of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Why Avrame? We’ve been building house kits for over 20 years and we know that finding a tiny house with a great design is super difficult. That’s why we partnered with Professor Sheila Kennedy and her team of design innovators. Together, we developed 3 concepts that provide maximum flexibility for living and working at home. We brought together the iconic form of the A-Frame, the radical affordability of DIY and the idea of bringing flexible design to a tiny home that can be adapted to fit your needs - Affordable, Flexible Design, Durable, Easy to Build

The SOLO+ is a very compact living unit that offers generous living areas and plenty of storage space. The SOLO+ A-Frame is easy to build, it is energy efficient and is easy to maintain. Since this is a DIY kit, you can build it anywhere in the world with locally sourced materials. This makes SOLO+ environmentally responsible and budget friendly.

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