SOLO Hobby DIY Plan Set (metric)

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Tiny a-frame cabin to be built from local materials by yourself or local carpenter.

Our smallest A-frame - the “SOLO HOBBY” - is the thing you have been looking for.

With a surface area of just 4,2 x 4,5 m in most places it doesn’t even need a building permit: 
simply purchase the plans, get the materials from the hardware store, invite a friend to join and build your very own A-frame in just one weekend. With our specialized DIY building plans, instructions and shopping list, it’s really that easy.

Thinking about getting a hobby room, home office or a studio in the backyard? Go right ahead!

Interested in a small guest house for those unexpected noisy relatives? No problem! 

Hoping to kickstart your new home with this? Right you are.

No matter what your plans are, the “SOLO HOBBY” is for you.

See the same plans in imperial, inches.

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