August Schwer© 1-Day Cuckoo Clock Chalet

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Cuckoo Clock with 1-day movement (mechanical).
This is a small chalet clock with little well and fir tree. Oak finish.
The clock is completely made of wood, completely handcrafted. Handpainted. Wooden dial, hands, cuckoo, pendulum.

The 1 day running time movement need to be wind up once a day.

Size: 9.25 inches (23,5 cm) tall, 7.1 inches (18 cm) wide, 5.51 inches (13,9 cm) deep; 2 x 275g weights,
Colour: oak
Product number: 1.0203.12.C

high quality Regula movement
night shut-off

Made by August Schwer Black Forest Clock Factory, Schoenwald, Black Forest.
Handmade in Germany.